The Daily Wellness Package

Improve blood vitality, increase iron intake, add Omega-3 and detox your body with this set of products

Nature's Toxin Fix is a tasty detox drink made using prime sourced ginger and lemon which is dried and powdered to make this mix. You can consume it multiple times a day. It is a refreshing health drink that is good for the whole family.
Nature's Blood Fix is a refreshing health drink that the whole family can enjoy. Sappan wood is known for its properties in aiding blood purification. This product also contains lemongrass which supports your health with its numerous benefits. You can have this multiple times a day.
Nature's Haemo Fix is a natural wellness drink that helps improve haemoglobin count. Made with responsibly sourced beetroot and mixed with traditional spices, it is a refreshing health drink that can be consumed multiple times a day for best results. Add it as part of your daily diet!
Nature's Super Fix is a pure moringa powder sourced from responsible farms to ensure you get a high quality leaf powder. Moringa powder is rich in multivitamins, Omega-3 and is a certified superfood. Add it to smoothies, bakes or milkshakes to avail its many benefits.