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AYURA ORIGINS Nature’s Mullein Leaf Fix is a natural wellness product made from pure Himalayan Mullein plants. It is a refreshing wellness drink that promotes better lung health, supports the respiratory system, stimulates the immune system and even helps to improve digestion.  While it has a host of wellness benefits, Mullein Leaf Fix is a subtly sweet drink with a light yellow colour when prepared, and can be refreshing as both a hot as well as a cold drink. 


It has a positive impact on lung health for smokers, asthma, and other respiratory issues like allergies.  Supports good de-congestion of the lungs for those with a heavy cough.  This is a wonderful addition for those living in regions where air quality is less than optimal.     


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AYURA ORIGINS Nature's Mullein Leaf Fix 50gm 25 Servings

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    • Supports Healthy Lungs
    • Enables Stronger Immunity
    • Supports Better Respiratory Health
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