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A Healthy Stomach Will Always Make Your Day!

Coccinia is a vegetable rich in natural fibre and Flaxseed combined with Jaggery works like magic for your digestive tract. A brilliant combination to address IBS, Acid Reflux and other gut issues.

Nature's Fiber Boost helps with digestion and improves overall stomach health while providing relief for IBS and acid reflux. Coccinia is a vegetable that is known to be rich in fiber which plays a vital role in gut health. Mix the powdered contents in hot water and enjoy it twice daily for best results.
Nature's Gut Health Fix is made using flaxseed and jaggery. Flaxseed is extremely rich in fibre and combined with jaggery, it helps improve gut health by aiding in bowel movement. This mix has to be consumed 30 minutes before bed time. Eat a large scoop in a teaspoon and see improvements in gut health!
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