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You Asked, We Answered

Are Ayura Origins products chemical free?

Yes. All our products are cultivated in pristine farms located in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and we ensure that no chemicals are used either in the fertilizer or spray for pests in order to bring you a 100 per cent natural product.

We work with farmers to ensure that our raw produce without contamination from chemicals.

Where can I buy Ayura Origins products?


We are available on, Flipkart, Nykaa, Meesho as well as Tata 1MG. You can also place a direct order with us through our web store.


We are currently available in the US market on as well as


We do offer direct shipping to any country globally. For such orders please contact: 9881976661

Are Ayura Origins products certified?

All our products conform with global best practices in terms of processing and packaging.


We are USFDA registered, have a proper food grade licence for India - FSSAI and our products also carry a nutritional test certification from TUV Nord, a global norm in food testing.

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