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AYURA ORIGINS Nature’s Garcinia Cambogia Fix is a natural wellness product made from pure Garcinia Cambogia fruit. It is a wellness product that is best consumed in a glass of water.  Used traditionally to promote metabolism, it is used in many communities to help with managing excess weight.  Known to inhibit appetite, when consumed before a meal, this wellness product is a must have for those who are struggling with management of weight.    


Nature's Garcinia Cambogia Fix can also be used to support management of cholesterol and heart health.  Used in traditional ayurveda, this wellness powder stimulates good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol.       


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AYURA ORIGINS Nature's Garcinia Cambogia Fix 100gm 50 Servings

Taxes Included
    • Helps Increase Metabolism
    • Reduces Excessive Appetite
    • Improves Ability to Burn Fat
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