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AYURA ORIGINS Nature’s Sappan Wood Fix is a natural wellness product that combines the goodness of Pathimukham wood, Lemongrass and Wild Tulsi.   This product is an excellent daily drink to keep the skin healthy, nails healthy and support healthy hair as well.  Rich in anti-oxidants and with anti-inflammatory properties, this health drink is the perfect way to keep your body healthy. Pathimukham wood has a history in traditional Ayurveda as a natural blood purifier. We recommend that you drink Nature’s Sappan Wood Fix daily as a natural detox drink.


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AYURA ORIGINS Nature's Sappan Wood Fix 100gm 50 Servings

Taxes Included
    • Provide antioxidants to your body and remove free radicals
    • Vitalize and invigorate blood
    • Enrich all the organs with healthy blood supply
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