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High Creatinine Levels can be brought under control with Kidney Fix

A 100% natural plant-based supplement to support kidney wellness

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Bring down your Creatinine levels in a sustainable manner with Kidney Fix

Detox Kidneys | Flush Excess Protein | Reduce Organ Damage

Reduce Damage

Discover the transformative benefits of Kidney Fix, your ally in reducing protein build-up and promoting overall well-being.

Lower Creatinine

Kidney Fix helps to lower creatinine with the power of punarnava and vetiver.  This reduces pressure on the organs and promotes wellness.

100% Bioavailable

Unleash the power of nature to regulate creatinine levels and foster a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Backed by Research

The benefits of Punarnava and Vetiver have a long history in traditional wellness.  Now these results are backed by research

How does Kidney Fix help control creatinine levels?

Punarnava,  possesses diuretic properties, promoting increased urine production. This helps in flushing out toxins, including creatinine, from the body. Additionally, punarnava has anti-inflammatory effects, which may protect the kidneys from damage and improve their function, indirectly aiding in the reduction of creatinine levels.


Vetiver, another natural remedy, also exhibits diuretic properties, promoting the elimination of waste products through urine. By increasing urine output, vetiver helps remove excess creatinine from the body, thereby reducing its levels in the bloodstream. Moreover, vetiver has been traditionally used to support kidney health and function, potentially further contributing to the reduction of creatinine levels.


When punarnava and vetiver are used in combination, their diuretic and kidney-supporting properties synergize, offering a holistic approach to reducing creatinine levels and promoting overall kidney health.

The Trust Factor

Kidney Fix is one of our highest selling products and we have customers from across the globe. Their trust in us comes from the fact that we are FSSAI Certified, USFDA Registered and all our products are tested at the TUV Labs. All our products are tested to be heavy metal free.

"Nature's Kidney Fix has been a game-changer for me in managing my creatinine levels. It has a nice ginger and tangy flavor. I've also noticed a significant improvement in my kidney function since starting this supplement. The blend of Punarnava and Vetiver seems to work wonders in detoxifying my kidneys. Highly recommended!"

Madan Gopal, India

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Managing high creatinine levels does not have to be either expensive or complicated.  Using Kidney Fix can be incredibly helpful for your body!

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