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AYURA ORIGINS Nature's Kidney Fix introduces a natural solution for supporting kidney health, harnessing the power of Punarnava and Vetiver. Punarnava, a staple in traditional Ayurvedic wellness, is revered for its diuretic properties, which enhance urine production.


This flushing action helps expel toxins, including creatinine, from the body. Additionally, Punarnava boasts anti-inflammatory effects, shielding the kidneys from harm and enhancing their function, indirectly aiding in lowering creatinine levels.Vetiver, another natural remedy, shares Punarnava's diuretic properties, facilitating the elimination of waste through urine. By boosting urine output, Vetiver assists in reducing excess creatinine levels in the bloodstream. Moreover, Vetiver has a long history of use in supporting kidney health and function, potentially amplifying the reduction of creatinine levels when combined with Punarnava.


The synergy between Punarnava and Vetiver in Nature's Kidney Fix offers a comprehensive approach to reducing creatinine levels and promoting overall kidney health.


However, it's essential to seek guidance from a healthcare professional before incorporating these herbs into your routine, particularly if you have existing health concerns or are taking medication. Trust Nature's Kidney Fix for natural support in maintaining optimal kidney function and well-being.

AYURA ORIGINS Nature's Kidney Fix 100gm 50 servings

Taxes Included
    • Metabolize creatinine
    • Reduce pressure on the kidneys
    • Flush toxins naturally
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