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Managing High Blood Sugar levels for a Type 2 Diabetic is a daily affair.  Both Costus Igneus and Mango Leaf powder are well researched in their ability to alleviate and manage blood glucose levels.


Costus Igneus, also called the Insulin Plant, is well known in traditional ayurveda as a support for people suffering from Diabetes Type 2.  Unfortunately this does not apply to pediatric diabetes, gestational diabetes, or Type 1.  Tremendous amounts of research show that active ingredients in this plant work exceptionally well in managing pancreatic health.


Mango Leaves have a huge host of benefits.  Starting from lowering glucose absorption in the blood to assisting those who are looking at attaining optimal weight.  Research on the efficacy of mango leaves is abundant and so are the benefits.


Each packet has 120gm and is good for 60 servings.  Totally this combo pack has 60+60 servings for a total of 120 servings.


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AYURA ORIGINS Nature’s Diabetes Health Combo Pack 240gm 120 Servings

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