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Managing both Kidney and Liver health is important from the perspective of digestive management and toxin management in the human body.  Infused with natural plant based products like Punarnava, Milk Thistle, Vetiver, Ginger and Lemon, the Kidney and Liver Health combo pack is designed to detox both of these important organs.


Kidneys are responsible for the removal of toxins in the body and maintaining kidney health impacts domains like cholesterol levels and hypertension levels.  


Liver health impacts areas like digestion and with a fatty liver the body's ability to efficiently manage the allocation of nutrients suffers immensely.


Each packet has 100gm and is good for 50 servings.  Totally this combo pack has 50+50 servings for a total of 100 servings.


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AYURA ORIGINS Nature’s Liver & Kidney Fix, Combo Pack 200 Grams, 100 Servings

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