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Reducing HbA1C Levels reduces risk of a lot of other challenges in the long term.  Manage Sugar levels with Karela-Jamun Powder

A 100% natural plant-based supplement to support sugar control


Karela-Jamun is a powerful traditional partner in sugar management

Easy to Use | Quick Tangible Results

Reduce HbA1C Quickly

Karela - Jamun is a traditional formula which helps manage sugar levels.  The results are evident in a period of 15-20 days with regular use. Daily monitoring and testing will show the reduction in sugar levels.

100% Bioavailable

Unlike chemically manufactured products, Karela-Jamun is completely bioavailable.  This means that the body can use all the wellness nutrients without any harm.

Backed by Research

The Karela-Jamun combination has been researched for its ability to slow down and contain sugar levels in a natural and healthy way.  Global research shows that this combination is extremely effective.

Sold Globally

We have dispatched this product to customers in over 20 countries globally to help them manage their sugar levels.  With excellent testimonials and re-orders this is a must have product for sugar management.

How does Karela-Jamun help control sugar levels?

Karela-Jamun powder is a natural supplement that helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced. It's made from two powerful ingredients: Karela, also known as Bitter Gourd, and Jamun, or Indian Blackberry.


Karela is packed with substances that act like insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar. This helps your body use sugar more effectively and keeps your blood sugar levels stable. Karela also has lots of antioxidants, which can protect the cells in your pancreas and keep it healthy.


Jamun is rich in natural compounds that help your body produce more insulin and use sugar better. It also slows down how quickly your body turns starchy foods into sugar, which helps prevent blood sugar spikes after meals.


When you use Karela-Jamun powder regularly, you get the benefits of both Karela and Jamun. It's an easy way to support your body in managing your blood sugar levels naturally and staying healthy overall.

The Trust Factor

Karela-Jamun is one of our highest selling products and we have customers from across the globe. Their trust in us comes from the fact that we are FSSAI Certified, USFDA Registered and all our products are tested at the TUV Labs. All our products are tested to be heavy metal free.

"Karela-Jamun has been a lifesaver for me in managing my high sugar levels. I've experienced a noticeable improvement in my blood sugar control. It's amazing how this natural supplement has made such a difference in my overall health!"

R Suresh, India


Get rid of the challenges that come with high sugar levels and get Karela-Jamun to help with your HbA1C levels today!

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