A premium selection of health gifting for you and those you care about.  Our Stimulate Selection has three beautifully packaged natural wellness products that allow your body to Revive, Relax and Rebuild.  All three products help to strengthen the body through natural nutrition which tastes great and works for the full family. 


Stimulate is one of three premium gifting solutions for those who are invested in natural wellness and living a healthier lifestyle.  


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  • Inside this beautiful natural wellness gift box you will find 3 special products:

    Revive - made with the richness of flaxseed and black sesame, this cold drink is rich in Omega 3 and fights to keep the heart healthy 

    Relax - made with the richness of flaxseed and jaggery, this ready to powder keeps the gut healthy and the body relaxed

    Rebuild - infused with pumpkin seeds and banslochan, this ready to eat powder strengthens bones and keeps the heart healthy

  • If you would like to customize this gift offering and make a bulk purchase please do write to us on sales@ayuraorigins.com.

    Customization Options:

    Logo and Name on the outer sleeve of the box

    Personalized messaging on a card inside the box

    Minimum order for customization options: 20 gift boxes