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The Activate, Rejuvenate & Stimulate premium gifting combination pack, harnesses the full suite of natural wellness offered by Ayura Origins.  With the complete range of 9 products, this gift option is the perfect way to show that you care.


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Activate, Rejuvenate & Stimulate - Premium Gifting

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  • Inside this beautiful natural wellness gift box you will find our full suite of 9 special products:


    Reinforce - made with the goodness of tomatoes and hill garlic this is a warm drink that reinforces the heart with each sip

    Reinvigorate - made with the richness of moringa and beetroot to alleviate and support free movement in all your joints

    Restore - infused with iron rich beetroot to keep your blood healthy and haemoglobin levels at their optimum



    Recharge - get rid of free radicals with this flavorful drink infused with sappanwood, tulsi, and lemongrass

    Refresh - made with ginger and lemon, this drink is a daily go to for building immunity and getting your body a dose of Vitamin C

    Revitalize - infused with punarnava and vetiver this drink is a great way to remove toxins and give some love to your kidneys



    Revive - made with the richness of flaxseed and black sesame, this cold drink is rich in Omega 3 and fights to keep the heart healthy

    Relax - made with the richness of flaxseed and jaggery, this ready to powder keeps the gut healthy and the body relaxed

    Rebuild - infused with pumpkin seeds and banslochan, this ready to eat powder strengthens bones and keeps the heart healthy

  • If you would like to customize this gift offering and make a bulk purchase please do write to us on

    Customization Options:

    Logo and Name on the outer sleeve of the box

    Personalized messaging on a card inside the box

    Minimum order for customization options: 20 gift boxes

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