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Can you drink alcohol If you have type 2 diabetes

The first thing that your doctor tells you when you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is that you have to take control of your diet and weight. What this automatically implies is that consumption of alcohol has to stop at once. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you have to give up drinking completely. Yes, unlike popular belief, alcohol doesn’t really raise your blood sugar, rather it reduces it, but there is a catch, so read on to know exactly what we are talking about here and for that you need to understand what happens when you drink alcohol.

Studies have proven that limited alcohol consumption can actually lower your blood sugar levels. Now, limited is a broad term and that has been further defined as two drinks for men and one drink for women. Stick to that, and you can enjoy a party with friends, however you do not want to exceed that amount as binging on alcohol can raise your blood sugar levels and in some cases even send you into sugar shock.

So, why does limited alcohol work? Well, your liver stores glucose and releases it into the body from time to time and for diabetics this can be a problem for the liver can release glucose into the body even when we don’t want it to. When you have a drink or two, you effectively give your liver another task to do – which is flush out the alcohol, and that doesn’t allow it to perform the regular task of releasing glucose in the body, thus lowering your sugar levels!

On the other hand, when you binge, the alcohol content in your body can cause havoc and lead to irregular sugar release and increase your sugar levels. Add to that, your decision making skills go out the door and you tend to binge on snacks as well which further amplifies the problem, especially if you eat the wrong stuff and munch down a ton of carbs which will sky rocket your sugar levels. Basically, if you wish to drink and suffer from type 2 diabetes, remember to keep your consumption in check. Tell your friends that they shouldn’t force you to have another drink. Drink responsibly.

On that note, if you have decided to enjoy a couple drinks over the weekend, remember you can do a lot to prepare your body. Keep a restricted diet plan for the week (which you already must be following if you suffer from type 2 diabetes). Don’t miss out on going to the gym the following morning to burn some extra calories that you gained the last evening. However, the most important rule to follow if you do consider having a drink is that you should stay away from cocktails, colas and other sweet mixes in your drink. Your best bet is either a Whiskey or Vodka with water. Beer is also best avoided as is red and white wine.

Add Nature’s Sugar & Weight Fix and Nature’s Diabetes Fix to your diet

Nature’s Sugar & Weight Fix is a brilliant product that works its magic by not allowing glycogens to convert to glucose in your body. It prevents sugar shock and to add to that, regular use of it burns belly fat as well! Nature’s Diabetes Fix is made from the Costus Igneus plant and it has been clinically proven to rejuvenate the beta cells in your pancreas to allow for healthy insulin release in your body. Taken over a period of time, these two products can work wonders in keeping your sugar levels in check and even if you do decide to have that occasional drink, you know you are on the road to recovery with these products added to your routine diet.

It is prudent that you remain careful about what you consume and eat, and honestly it is best that you avoid alcohol if you are diabetic, however we all know that it can be a challenge and there will be times that you will be tempted to have that drink. Just remember, it is okay to have that one drink or a maximum of two. Your health is in your hands and you need to keep that as your top priority.

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