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2 Natural wellness drinks that help control type 2 diabetes

Alleviating type 2 diabetes naturally has actually never been easier and what’s better is that you don’t need to pop a pill! Surprised to hear that? Natural wellness solutions for diabetes care is a key focus area for Ayura Origins and the products that we offer come highly recommended to aid in natural sugar control and to a large extent reverse the symptoms of this chronic ailment.

Backed by research, our Nature’s Diabetes Fix and Nature’s Sugar & Weight Fix wellness drinks provide the perfect combination to tackle type 2 diabetes and help your body restore natural insulin production. The active ingredients found in each product serve to address the root cause of type 2 diabetes and thus alleviate the symptoms.

Start your day with Nature’s Sugar & Weight Fix

Nature’s Sugar & Weight Fix is a natural wellness drink made from pure mango leaves. Harvested and dried using a natural method, the goodness of the mango leaf is kept intact, thus allowing you to benefit from its properties. While mango leaf is known to have over 17 different benefits, for type 2 diabetics the main benefit is that it prevents the conversion of glycogens in the body and it also helps burn belly fat. Consumed as the first drink of the day, Nature’s Sugar & Weight Fix is easy to prepare as you just need to add hot water in a cup and put a scoop of powder in there and let it sit for a minute before consuming. The active ingredients also work to control sugar spikes.

Two cups of Nature’s Diabetes Fix daily!

Nature’s Diabetes Fix is a natural wellness drink made from the Costus Igneus plant. The active ingredient of the Costus Igneus plant has the unique ability to rejuvenate the beta cells in the pancreas thus allowing for natural insulin release in the body. Knowledge of this plant’s properties to address high sugar can be found in traditional Ayurveda and independent research bodies like the PERD Centre in Ahmedabad have also tested it thoroughly with positive results showing that it indeed does help boost beta cell activity which leads to healthy insulin release. Such are its properties that it is commonly known as the Insulin Plant. Having said that, it doesn’t contain any insulin but has the ability to normalize sugar levels in a type 2 diabetic within 6 months of regular use. All you need to have is 2 cups of Nature’s Diabetes Fix every day.

A bonus tip to enhance your health

Nature’s Diabetes Fix and Nature’s Sugar & Weight Fix are an ideal combination to help you address type 2 diabetes and manage your sugar levels naturally. In addition to these two drinks, we have also seen that a cup of simple black tea about a half-an-hour before bedtime also works wonders in controlling sugar spikes thus allowing the body to recover faster!

With these three drinks added to your diet and taking proper control to avoid carb-rich meals and sugar in any form apart from fruits, you will find yourself on the road to recovery in an all-natural way. Feedback from our regular customers on their results after choosing to use Ayura Origins Nature’s Diabetes Fix and Nature’s Sugar & Weight Fix have been extremely positive and encouraging and it is because of them that we are extremely confident in what we offer as a natural diabetes care package.

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