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Balbir Anand Testimonial Interview - Nature's Diabetes Fix

How Balbir Anand fixed his diabetes after 25 years! Balbir Anand, a resident of Canada, talks to us about his experience of using Nature’s Diabetes Fix to overcome type 2 diabetes.

When did you get diagnosed?

I used to live in Dubai and I moved to Canada about 25 years ago. After a few years over there I found out I am diabetic. I started taking medicines what the doctor prescribed and that is the regimen I followed until I heard about Ayura Origins.

How did you hear about Ayura Origins?

I bought a villa near the Ayura Origins farm about 5 years ago, and I travel here to spend a few months in India and take a break from Canada every year. On one such trip someone told me to meet with Dr. Gour regarding my diabetes. So I walked across the road and introduced myself to him and was duly informed about his research in treating diabetes naturally with Costus Igneus. On his advice, I started taking Nature’s Diabetes Fix (at the time it was sold as ‘Insulin Plant Powder’) regularly. It is the pure powder of the Costus Igneus plant and I have it as a tea.

What has your experience been with Nature’s Diabetes Fix?

Initially the change was slow. My son, who is a Doctor, told me “Dad, you are taking this ‘Insulin Tea’ and it is doing something, but not to the extend what the doctor wants.” So, he changed my diet and that triggered a change for within 15 days of a change in diet, this tea brought about major results. I was taking 2 genemats every day and my Doctor was threatening to put me on Insulin injections. She wanted to do so because my sugar readings were above 350. I avoided the injections and I stuck to taking Nature’s Diabetes Fix as I believed that it was really working for me. Today my reading is 105 – 106 which is absolutely perfect and I owe it to Dr. Gour for putting me on this natural course correction.

How do you manage your lifestyle now?

I initially started with 2 cups of Nature’s Diabetes Fix every day and after my sugar reading started to read in the normal level, I have brought that down to 1 cup a day. I test my sugar levels every morning and it is usually between 105 – 120. My Doctor is surprised with the results and she told me that this problem cannot be fixed by the medication she was giving me. Today I am a mentor to a number of people who suffer from type 2 diabetes and I tell them that it is very easy to do so!

Any other elements to your diet and lifestyle that you would like to share?

I lived with diabetes type 2 for 25 years and it feels good to be rid of it. I still stick to my diet where I avoid oils and a lot of dairy. Fruits, fibre and nuts are the best for your diet and that is what I stick to. I am 68 years old and am living a fitter life than before!

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