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6 tips to keep your kidneys healthy and avoid dialysis!

Kidney failure instances are on the rise globally and here in India too we see the same trend. Bad lifestyles, high blood pressure and diabetes are the predominant reasons that lead to the failure of these critical organs in the body and while dialysis works to extend the patient’s life, it is only a matter of time before the body gives up.

As scary as that sounds, the truth is that your kidney health lies in your hands. They are your body’s filtering system and if they are well maintained, you can be rest assured that you will keep other chronic ailments at bay as well, so it is wise to pay a little more attention to them as you age.

What is it that you can do to prevent kidney failure? The answer is that there is no one particular answer, rather it is the result of a combined activity which will definitely yield positive results.

Tip 01: Stay hydrated

Help your kidneys by staying hydrated. The requisite 4-6 glasses of water are what is recommended and just remember that by overdoing it you aren’t doing your kidneys any favours, rather you are increasing the pressure on them!

Tip 02: Regular exercise

This one is a no-brainer and just about every doctor in the world will tell you that regular exercise helps the body better than any medicine can. It isn’t about over exerting yourself in a gym, but rather having a strict schedule that includes stretches, a brisk walk or jog and using your own body weight to strengthen the body such as pull-ups and push-ups.

Tip 03: Eat healthy

A well balanced diet helps your body get the right amount of nutrients and doesn’t put any added pressure on the kidneys. Along with exercise, a healthy diet also helps you reduce weight which also plays a vital role in keeping kidney disease at bay. Remember that a lot of kidney problems stem from conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes type 2 which are linked to your metabolism and by improving that, you keep more than one problem out the way.

While it is recommended to avoid concentrated natural extracts, there are numerous teas and natural wellness drinks available in the market that offer you the goodness of nature and can help improve kidney function dramatically. The herbs that work to fix the kidneys include Punarnava, Vetiver, Ginger and Lemon. As a combination, this natural mix helps lower creatinine levels which restores kidney health, even in patients that have higher than normal levels. Since this mix is completely food based, there is no adverse effects and can be consumed as part of your daily diet to improve kidney health!

Pro Tip: Ayura Origins sells Nature’s Kidney Fix which is a mix of pure Punarnava, Vetiver, Ginger and Lemon.

Tip 05: Get very health conscious

Remember, your kidneys are your body’s filtration system and all the toxins you put in, need to eventually get flushed out. The higher the toxins in the body, the more work it is for your kidneys and that can eventually lead to kidney failure. Quit smoking, quit vaping and essentially quit any nicotine intake. It is just not good for you and there is no way to justify it! Drinking alcohol isn’t as bad in moderation, however excessive consumption will lead to health complications. If you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes type 2 or have a history of cardiovascular disease, we recommend you stay of alcohol anyway or drink in extremely strict moderation of 1-2 drinks a week!

Tip 06: Medicines can harm you so be careful!

That’s right. While you might be prescribed allopathic drugs to combat various ailments and illnesses, remember that all these common non-prescription pills such as paracetamol, pain killers, headache pills and such are all essentially chemical compounds that you are putting in your body. Regular usage or prolonged addiction to such pills will definitely lead to kidney damage. Even non-prescription medicines should technically be had in consultation with a doctor for these are the easiest and most commonly abused drugs.

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